Been Awhile

Just a update, sorry I still have to finish this site


11/22/20221 min read

Been awhile... I have really neglected this site with everything. I have finished my capstone project for my Full-Stack Developers course. I'm working a few different side projects trying to build a awesome portfolio. One project I'm doing is a tutorial for building a game in JavaScript, and the other is a shooting app that I used for my capstone but I'm building onto it. I have not let this stop me in sending out my resume. I'm actively looking for a job that I can take in either web-dev or full stack. But so far I fell comfortable with SQL and doing a full stack type job. But maybe I will just stick to web unless a position for a full-stack job comes, and a company will give me a chance. I have got to do some work on this site like connecting everything and start a newsletter. I also want to make a post to page so I can finally get feedback. I have got a mic and created my youtube channel so I can start making little videos. Thank you for taking your time to read my little post. Please reach out to me via email I promise I will have this site fully functional for everyone....