Personal Thoughts




Hello! So far, my journey has been amazing transferring into the tech world. The community is very embracing and welcoming. Coding is hard that is no lie, but very rewarding and fun. When I say fun, I mean at this point constantly fixing things I break. But I hear that is even the experience dev's lives as well. What I find fascinating is that we are constantly learning and developing. I listen to a lot of podcasts and one is Code Newbie I forget what episode, but they do a rapid-fire question at the end. One of the questions is "what would you have like to have known starting out?" or similar.... The young lady responded with "that no one knows what they are doing.." I busted out laughing and also felt relieved deep down. But with that being said and this being the first blog please email us any questions you have. But I would be happy to speak about any topic within reason ofcourse I'm new lol..